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Megan Bos Studio

Character Art, Design, & More

Why I Make Art

Art and illustration is a creative expression. There is something extremely satisfying about giving visual life to ideas, concepts, and inner visions.

I've been creating characters for my own personal narratives since I was a young child. Over the years, I've grown my skills to be able to fully realize what these characters look like while embodying their personality.

There is nothing more satisfying than the amazing reaction people have when they first see an illustration of a character they've poured so much of themselves into.


Recent & Ongoing Projects

Character Art

At the core of any good tale are the characters. Stories are centered around their experiences and the decisions they make. They are a major source of inspiration for my art. Most of the characters I design are sourced from tabletop roleplaying games or TTRPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons. Some of which I’ve played in myself. I don't limit myself to just Dungeons and Dragons, I illustrate characters for any TTRPG including Powered by the Apocalypse (PBTA) games like Monster of the Week, Impulse Drive, and more.

What are tabletop RPGs? The game consists of participants taking on a role, much like an actor, to describe that character’s actions through speech. Players have the freedom to improvise. Their choices often have a lasting impact on the direction and outcome of the game which is largely dependent on whether their actions succeed or fail. An actions’ success or failure is determined according to the game’s ruleset and guidelines. TTRPGs are often a cooperative narrative telling experience.

Tege Grizelle

Character Art Posts

Illigitme non Carborundum.jpg

Traditional Media

Every artist starts somewhere. It just so happens that my art was largely founded on more traditional styles of art making. In particular, I worked with charcoal to create black and white works in a photo-realistic style. Working in a photo-realistic style is what has sharpened and refined my artistic skills into what they are now.

I've also experimented with other media such as colored pencil, watercolors, and acrylic and oil painting (which require different approaches). This has broadened my scope as an artist even further and helped train my eye for the addition of color to art.

Traditional Art Posts


Photography is a visual record that has become a common practice among people. As a hobbyist of photography, I focus more on landscapes and keeping a visual record of the places I've been in my travels. The world around us is full of incredible sights, we need only look to experience them ourselves.

2015-08-23 15.jpg

Photography Posts

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