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Magic is Real - Maskical Girls

Updated: May 18, 2022

Magic is Real is an ongoing tabletop role playing game that I'm a player in. The genre is magical girls, where each of the players is a high schooler that has awakened special powers. These girls must use their powers to fight evil and protect the world while balancing school and home life.

The game set used for this campaign is a hack of the game Masks by Magpie Games. Masks is a setting in which you play angsty teenage superheroes. However, the game master for the Magic is Real campaign has taken the system and made alterations so it better fits a magical girl setting. For a peek at the customized system check out the reference sheet here.

Check out the ongoing actual play series on YouTube: Magic is Real.

This campaign also inspired me to draw all of the players' original characters. Get to know them below. Please note that the art style changed halfway through and there are plans to draw more characters.


More Inspiration

Lyla's Spotify playlist: Mystical Girl

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Sophie's YouTube Music playlist: Brightical Girl

Lyla's Dark YouTube Music playlist: Cola

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