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Fantastical Charcoal

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Fantasy is a broad and magical genre often rooted in real-world legends and myths in a medieval-like setting. This genre captures my imagination almost daily.

As such, it's no wonder that fantasy themes often appear in my artwork, including my realistic charcoal drawings. I expanded my artwork beyond fanart of other people's existing works to create my own, original, works of fantasy art.


Renaissance Self-Portrait by Megan Bos

Renaissance Self-Portrait

charcoal on white cardstock

I've always imagined myself in fantastical settings. One good way to make that happen is with a self-portrait in costume.

This was one of my earlier charcoal pieces envisioning my own fantasy setting.


Bygone Knight by Megan Bos

Bygone Knight

Charcoal on smooth white Bristol paper

The first of the series, Bygone Knight pictures a knight guarding an overgrown ruin. This drawing represents the romantic notion of a lost era. Beyond that, infer what you will.

I can say with certainty that I was still learning the medium of charcoal at this point, which is why there is a contrast between the execution of the background and the knight.


Illigitime non Carborundum by Megan Bos

Illigitime non Carborundum

charcoal on smooth white Bristol paper

"Don't let the bastards grind you down." is roughly what Illigitime non Carborundum translates too.


Tempering Storm by Megan Bos

Tempering Storm

charcoal on smooth white Bristol paper

This is the third, and last piece in the series of knights. I had intended to do many more knights beyond this. However, time constraints and my ever shifting interests in artistic subjects is what caused me to leave off with this piece.


Layered Sight by Megan Bos

Layered Sight

charcoal on cardstock

This layered eye appeared in a dream I had. The striking sight of it stuck in my mind and inspired this drawing. A fantastical eye, indeed.


There are a plethora of fantasy themed artworks I created before these ones, of various media. However, I was young and relatively unskilled. I dare not share this dark past.

My dark past aside, I rarely complete charcoal drawings anymore. While rewarding, charcoal can be a messy and difficult media. One that is very time consuming. Majority of the art I make now is digital.

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