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Donut Bunnie Screen

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

When a good friend of mine started streaming on twitch, I was excited to create screens for her streams. Donut Bunnie primarily streams Final Fantasy XIV online. Her community is a chill place to hang out with a variety of kind people. Most are Final Fantasy XIV players, but they range in experience playing the game. Sprouts, as new players are called, are always welcome! You can check her streams out here.

As she primarily plays Final Fantasy XIV online, the subject of the screen naturally became Donut Bunnie's in game avatar. Her in game avatar is a Viera (female bunny girl), one of the races you can play in FFXIV.

In addition to her game character, Donut Bunnie is a fan of purple, pastel colors, and (as her handle suggests) donuts. One of her suggestions was of a picnic scene, thus the setting of the image.

The result is as follows:

DonutBunnie Screen by Megan Bos

With this image as the base, I proceeded to work with Donut Bunnie to select a font for her starting screen and made a simple animation. Check it out on her channel when she goes live sometime!


Donut Bunnie has recently added in some variety streams. The first of which was a Pokemon stream. So, I made a new starting screen.

Pokemon DonutBunnie Screen by Megan Bos

This time, I made the main character an anime likeness of Donut Bunnie. Then surrounded her with a few of her favorite Pokemon: Jigglypuff, Alolan Vulpix, and Galarian Ponyta.


For the winter season, I made a bunny playing in the snow to be used as a notification while Donut Bunnie is streaming. Here's a still of the animation:


Donut Bunnie is a fan of neon signs. She made a request for stream notifications for when people subbed to her channel. The following were made and animated using Blender (3D rendering software).

Following the neon sign theme, 2023 is year of the rabbit. So I made a neon screen for the occasion.

Year of the Bun 2023 by Megan Bos

Look forward to another screen, as I'm currently working on a new one.

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