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Apocalypse Eve

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Apocalypse Eve is a tabletop role-playing game set in modern times with a focus on the supernatural. This campaign used the Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) rule set called Monster of the Week.

Located in the sleepy town of Morningshore, a group of four people with various ties to the supernatural world must come together to prevent the impending apocalypse. Along the way, they face the horrors of the eldritch, free spirited fae, and the corruption of the arcane arts.


The Characters (PCs)

The following are the players' characters that I made the art for.

Keira Penrose

The Expert

Keira Penrose by Megan Bos

Finding and subduing supernatural threats is the family business. From finding artifacts that can be used to inflict harm to eliminating especially dangerous monsters, the Penrose family has worked to protect and save lives for centuries. At least that is the intention. Under the Arcane Order, the Penrose Estate is pushed to help the organization maintain dominance over the supernatural community.

The former head was Keira's mother, Olivia, a woman with an insatiable appetite for knowledge which she passed on to her eldest daughter, Kameo, Keira's older sister. The two of them would spend hours reading and researching with a particular proclivity for arcane magic.

Despite that, Keira was always taught to be wary of magic. Her father, Victor Glasco always told her that, "All magic has a cost. You may not pay it right away, but someone or something will eventually come around to collect. That is, if you don't lose yourself to it before then." Rather than relying on magic, Victor taught Keira to be resourceful; to use her wit and the environment around her to solve and overcome hardship.

Due to their very different upbringings, and the Arcane Order's influence, it was always intended for Kameo to inherit the Penrose Estate with Keira acting in a support role. But as circumstance would have it, Keira became the sole remaining heir.

Now, Keira holds the key to the Penrose Estate's legacy.


Amaris Sol

The Spooky

Amaris Sol by Megan Bos

A lover of ice cream and snacks, Amaris has no memories of her childhood, Amaris was raised by her single mother, Silvia. She has a natural inclination towards magic and spells, though her magic is unique compared to the other magics of the world. Her mother helped her learn this magic, providing Amaris with potions to help her sleep and keep her power contained.

In her late teens, Amaris killed a couple of men that had hurt a friend of hers. The person sent to investigate the killings, uncovered the corrupt doings of the killed men and covered for Amaris. This was Keira, who became a trustworthy friend for Amaris.

Since then, Amaris has lived with Keira, aiding her with her supernatural jobs.



The Divine

Lazuli by Megan Bos

Lazuli is the spirit of a blue star consisting of fae energy. She had a mission from the kami, the spirit leaders of the fae realm, to unleash a weapon on humanity. Lazuli, abandoned the mission and was banished from the fae realm. She brought the weapon to Keira Penrose, presenting it as a magical artifact, where it is now protected in Keira's collections.

Lazuli has been working with Keira and Amaris ever since, living with them in the Penrose Estate.


Curt Lindon

The Monstrous

Curt Lindon by Megan Bos

Curt is just your average, awkward, college student.

At least he was.

One day his girlfriend, Mia, brought him to a cemetery where a group of people were waiting for them. A ceremony was performed which caused Curt to become an Eldritch horror.

Lost and alone, confused about what he'd become, Curt eventually came across a group of monster hunters that could see he meant no harm. So they brought him to their base.

These hunters were Keira Penrose, Amaris Sol, and Lazuli. Together with them, Curt now seeks answers about what happened to him.


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