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Fast Light Introduction

Fast Light is a Solo TTRPG campaign using the Ironsworn: Starforged system by Shawn Tomkin. Starforged is a spacefaring setting where the player(s) explore a galaxy through the lens of their customized hero.

Fast Light has two protagonists controlled by a single player (me). They are Grayson "Grin" Dackerman and Aeronia Mithorne. These characters are using something similar to the higher stat array with an exception: one of the 2s has been reduced to a 1 so it goes 4, 3, 3, 2, 1. I'm more focused on an interesting narrative than a relatively high risk of killing the protagonists with a series of unfortunate rolls of the die. There will be plenty of rolls that don't go their way to make things more 'interesting'.

​Grayson "Grin" Dackerman

​Aeronia Mithorne

​Edge - 2

Heart - 4

Iron - 3

Shadow - 1

Wits - 3

​Edge - 4

Heart - 1

Iron - 3

Shadow - 2

Wits - 3

​Gearhead, Leader, Brawler

​Augmented, Symbiote, Firebrand

I will be implementing an additional optional ruleset from Ironsworn: Delve - The learning from mistakes set. On a miss, the protagonist will mark a tick on their track. When they reflect 6 or more progress, they will challenge the track to see if they've learned from their mistakes. This mechanic is a good way to have the characters reflect on themselves and their past choices, hopefully gaining some meaningful character development. Plus, more xp equals more assets.

As for the Truths, those will come out in the narrative.

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