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Fast Light 7 - Starforged Journal

Updated: May 15, 2022

Grayson and Aeronia finally step foot into the inner sanctum of the Aurora Ascendancy vault. The vault's purpose becomes clear.






​Health 5/5

Spirit 4/5

Momentum 7

​Health 3/5

Spirit 3/5

Momentum 2

Firebrand 1/5



LOCATION Aurora Ascendancy Vault, Sulaco Maze, Outlands

VAULT PROGRESS... completed

Investigate the vault and bring back valuables to the Scarlet Flames. PROGRESS... 2


The hovering platform that Grayson and Aeronia stood on came to a stop. Overhead, rippling light, like water, stretched out forming a massive dome. A crystal ring encircled the monumental dome, buzzing with energy.

A gateway. The voice whispered to Aeronia.

“A gateway to where?” Aeronia asked.

Confused by the question that came out of nowhere, Grayson studied Aeronia with her gaze fixed overhead. “What?”

It’s a wormhole.

“It’s a wormhole,” Aeronia repeated. “Could this be how Azure Block wound up here?”

It is. The whisper confirmed. Intense flashes overwhelmed Aeronia’s senses. There were sirens. Metal creaked and moaned ominously. An explosion shook the world around her.

“Are you alright?” Grayson’s voice broke through the sensations.

Aeronia looked up. She’d been clutching her head in her hands. “Yes. I’m certain that Azure Block came through this wormhole. That means The Valiant could be on the other side.”

[Aeronia - reach a milestone

+1 tick on background vow: Find The Valiant and her crew. = 1 tick]

[Reach a milestone

+1 box on Investigate Aurora Vault for Scarlet Flames = 3 boxes]

Grayson could see that Aeronia was struggling under the weight of all her emotions. He placed a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll figure this out. But let’s take our time, and do this right.”

[Grayson - hearten (ally)

9, 2 vs. 4+4 = weak hit

-1 momentum = 6 momentum

Aeronia +2 spirit = 5 spirit]

“Right.” Aeronia took a moment to recompose herself.

Azure Block, you, came through this wormhole.” Grayson stated. “The ship was damaged, space-time distortions were clearly affecting portions of the block. You were the only survivor. And something about this wormhole, or your passage through it, unleashed that huge balefire.

“It’s too dangerous to try and go through it. At least, not until we know more.”

Aeronia desperately wanted to take the plunge here and now despite the risks. But she also knew that Grayson was right. In the long run, going through the wormhole now likely wouldn’t solve anything if she even survived the passage.

“Let’s see if we can find anything else,” Aeronia set out immediately to see what she could find.

[Grayson - aid your ally (+wits)(+leader)

10, 6 vs. 4+3+1 = weak hit

+1 to Aeronia’s next move]

[Aeronia - explore a waypoint

5, 1 vs. 4+3+1 = strong hit

+2 momentum = 4 momentum]

While the room was expansive, Grayson and Aeronia spotted what looked like terminals.

Again, the technology had no reaction to Grayson. But when Aeronia touched it, it lit up. Crystals shifted and realigned like a locking mechanism. A slot was revealed and a rectangular crystal popped out. It was small enough to fit into the palm of the hand.

Grayson and Aeronia looked at each other, before Aeronia carefully pulled the crystal free. She held it up, turning it in her hand, looking for anything she could learn.

Blocked storage device. The voice informed her.

[Aeronia - reach a milestone

+1 tick on background vow: Find the Valiant and her crew. = 2 ticks]

[Reach a milestone

+1 box on Investigate Aurora Vault for Scarlet Flames = 4 boxes]

“There’s not much else we can do here, Aeronia.” Grayson glanced around the area looking for anything else of interest, finding nothing. “Let’s head back to the Azurebolt and see if we can figure out what that crystal is.”

Aeronia silently looked at Grayson.

Grayson saw her hesitation, “We can always come back. It should be easier now that we know the way.”

“Okay,” Aeronia wrapped her hand completely around the crystal and followed Grayson. Both of them peered at the wormhole as they made their way out.


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