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Fast Light 5 - Starforged Journal

Updated: May 15, 2022

Delving deeper into the Aurora Ascendancy vault, Grayson and Aeronia encounter an unexpected foe.






​Health 3/5

Spirit 4/5

Momentum 1

​Health 4/5

Spirit 4/5

Momentum 8



LOCATION Aurora Ascendancy Vault, Sulaco Maze, Outlands


Investigate the vault and bring back valuables to the Scarlet Flames. PROGRESS 2


“I think something is trying to block us from going any further.”

“Could it be those gas bags?” Grayson asked while looking around for signs of the creatures.

“Possibly,” Aeronia stood before what had been a passage that was now a dead end. “Should we see if there’s another path?”

“Alright,” Grayson started walking back the way they’d come from to try one of the other passages.

[Grayson - undertake an expedition (+wits)

3, 1 vs. 2+3 = strong hit

+1 progress = 5 boxes]

When they came out of the next passage, they found themselves in a lit chamber. Crystals sprouted from the walls and ground cradling glowing pods. They stretched out as far as the eye could see.

Grayson and Aeronia looked at each other. Grayson was the first to speak, “Best not touch anything.”

Aeronia silently nodded.

They carefully started picking their way deeper into the chamber.

Aeronia could feel the room crackling with energy and found herself drawn to a larger pod. It towered over her as she stepped towards it.

[Aeronia - explore a waypoint (+wits)(+symbiote)

9, 2 vs. 4+3+1 = weak hit

+1 momentum = 9 momentum]

The pod hummed with energy. As it pulsed subtly with light, the pods around it seemed to react to it with their own light waves. A shape seemed to float within the pod. The silhouette was oval in shape with wispy tentacles fluttering about it.

It’s them. The voice whispered to Aeronia, an image of the gas bags they’d encountered earlier came to mind. They’re a network.

As she thought about it, a spark emanated from the large pod in front of her and shocked Aeronia. It sent a jolt through her body, but didn’t cause any lasting harm.

“Gas bags are in the pods,” Aeronia informed Grayson. “They’re all linked to each other. Like you said, we better be careful not to disturb them.”

“Right,” Grayson continued through the room. Aeronia trailed behind him wondering about the nature of the creatures.

[Grayson - undertake an expedition (+wits)

10, 9 vs. 1+3 = miss

Pay the price - a new enemy is revealed (dangerous)]

A shrill shriek pierced the chamber. With it the lights of pods flickered and pulsed erratically.

A form dropped in front of Grayson. It stretched up to its full height towering over him on two unnaturally long legs. Its arms, too, were long and scrawny.

A shrill shriek escaped the thing’s mouth with filament like strings pouring out of the gapping jaw. It charged at Grayson.

[Grayson - enter the fray (+iron)

8, 2 vs. 4+3 = weak hit

+3 momentum = 4 momentum

In a bad spot]

Grayson’s instincts took over. He shifted his stance to avoid the charging creature, but stumbled over his footing to avoid one of the pods. Even so, his hand found the knife on his belt and he readied himself for another charge.

[Grayson - clash (+iron)

9, 4 vs. 2+3 = weak hit

+1 progress = 2 boxes

-2 health = 1 health]

[Grayson - endure harm (+iron)

6, 1 vs. 6+3 = strong hit

+1 health = 2 health]

In a flurry, the creature and Grayson exchanged blows. The gangly creature struck out with its mouth. It ripped Grayson’s environment suit and plunged into his shoulder. The filaments started sinking deeper into Grayson, but he slashed at it with his knife, finding its flesh and slicing it open to force it back.

Aeronia reached for her pistol, but couldn’t risk taking a shot with Grayson being right in the thick of the tussle. Instead, she ran forward to attack the thing.

[Aeronia - enter the fray (+edge)

9, 3 vs. 2+4 = weak hit

In control]

[Aeronia - strike (+iron)(+firebrand)

4, 4 vs. 2+3+2 = strong hit with a match

-1 fire = 2 fire

+2 progress = 6 boxes]

Aeronia leapt onto the creature, throwing her weight around and tangling it up to throw it to the ground. Then she unleashed a heavy punch on the thing’s head. Blue fire-like energy emanated from her hand, burning through the gaggle of filaments hanging from the things open mouth.

[Aeronia - strike (+iron)(+firebrand)

9, 7 vs. 3+3+2 = weak hit

-1 fire = 1 fire

+2 progress = 10 boxes

-2 health = 2 health

In a bad spot]

Aeronia struck the creature again, pumping the same blue energy into the hit. This time, however, the energy seemed to explode. The force of it sent her back and she collided with one of the pods. The pod surged and hit her with a blast.

[Aeronia - endure harm (+iron)(+augmented)

3, 2 vs. 6+3+1 = strong hit

+1 health = 3 health]

Every muscle in Aeronia’s body seized up for a moment, but then the surge seemed to be absorbed within her, lessening the pain.

[Grayson - clash (+iron)

3, 2 vs. 6+3 = strong hit

In control]

Grayson lunged forward with his knife at the ready as the creature scrambled back to its feet. He deftly sliced at it while avoiding any of its attacks and the pods.

[Grayson - take decisive action

5, 1 vs. 10 = strong hit

+1 momentum = 5 momentum]

Grayson swung around with the knife. The knife sunk deep into the gangly creature’s chest. The creature went limp with the blow and fell to the ground dead.

Grayson shambled over to Aeronia, out of breath and bleeding. He dropped to the ground beside her with a grunt. “You were incredible.”

“That…” Aeronia started but stopped. Instead, she started rummaging in her pack.

[Aeronia - check your gear (+supply)

3, 2 vs. 3+4 = strong hit

+1 momentum = 10 momentum]

“I’ll patch you up,” Aeronia pulled out a canister of gel, some bandages, and a packet. She helped Grayson free his shoulder from the environment suit and his coveralls. Then she went to work on his injury.

[Aeronia - heal (+wits)

10, 5 vs. 3+3 = weak hit

-2 momentum = 8 momentum

Grayson +3 health = 5 health]

Aeronia handed Grayson the tube-like packet, “drink that.” Then she used the canister of gel to clean and seal the wound on Grayson’s shoulder. The bandage she used already had some ointment applied, it gave his aching wound instant relief.

Grayson drank down the packet as instructed. As they sat there, taking a break, Grayson’s aches and pains started to subside. He felt refreshed and ready to go again.

He lifted the packet, “What is this stuff?”

“Medicine. It helps with muscle fatigue, bruises, and pain. It’s also supposed to kickstart your body’s regenerative process for quicker healing. Honestly though, most people end up hurting themselves more after taking it. They feel good, so they overdo it and wind up in worse condition. That’s my warning to you."

“Got it,” Grayson chuckled. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me.” Aeronia had a somber expression. “I got you into this mess.”

“I chose to be here,” Grayson got to his feet. “I wanted to help. So how about a thank you instead?”

Grayson extended a hand to Aeronia to help her up, a smile on his lips. Aeronia hesitated, but grasped the hand offered to her.

“Thank you.”


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